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What do copywriting clients say about Diana?

“Twenty years ago you first edited two articles for me. I was not prepared to be Wow-ed in such a dramatic way. These (and many others) have been published in the most highly acclaimed national journals of our profession. You have amazing ability to take business, clinical and technical speak and make it more succinct, more interesting AND more poignant. I don’t know where it comes from but your creativity and unique ability to make wonderful connections is a gift.”
Susan Smallegan Maples, DDS, MSBA, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

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“Our first project for Diana was a real challenge: travel to key US sites on less than a week’s notice, interviewing multiple people on each site, to develop numerous pieces of copy. Diana responded with utter aplomb and professionalism. Her interview questions were insightful, and she was able to rapidly summarize hours of interviews into concise on-target copy.  Did I mention all this was done while meeting budget requirements for traveling, lodging and eating in tandem with the project lead?

Diana is also our go-to resource for case studies and success stories. She has crafted sets of questions to use for each situation, and expertly blends the inputs received from both customer and sales contacts. From initial draft to final document, we get quick turnaround time and exceptional quality. And her warm, professional approach puts the interviewees at ease.  Knowing we’ll get the copy we need on-time and on-budget, puts me at ease!”
Stripe Demarest, Global Marketing Program Manager, Chemical Analysis Group, Agilent Technologies

“We’ve sent the e-mail to one group of customers already and have gotten over 50% open rate and greater than 40% click-through rate—we’re thrilled to maintain such a great connection with our customers!
–Ed de la Fuente, Vice President Marketing and Product Management, Aperion Audio, Portland, OR

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“Diana made all of us jealous with her annual sailing vacations, but we still enjoyed uninterrupted copywriting support for our global communications. She’s been a valued business partner for Agilent Remarketing Solutions for more than a decade. Recently Diana played a key role on a team that refreshed our messaging and Web site, which won kudos from customers and colleagues alike.”
–Armin Kausler, Outbound Marketing Manger, Remarketing Solutions Division, Agilent Technologies


Diane gets it right the first time! She quickly grasps the business objective for our communications and tailors them to pique the audience’s interest and deliver key messages. She doesn’t need to be spoon-fed minutiae either – she seeks out the information required to develop creative solutions to problems. These attributes enable her to consistently deliver high-quality communication materials that help Agilent sell millions of dollars in products.

“In the nine years we’ve worked together, she has also proven extremely responsive and flexible, meeting our business needs even while on vacation or abroad. In short, she’s an excellent writer and a pleasure to work with.”
–Samantha Sandoval, Outbound Program Manager, Agilent Technologies, Englewood, CO

Diane is a fantastic writer. She immersed herself in my products and became a true expert. I think she can articulate my products’ benefits better than I can! The end product she delivers is always better than what I expected.”
–Rachel McCormack, Marketing Manager, Agilent Technologies, Colorado Springs, CO


“I’ve hired Diane to work on a variety of projects. She is bright, insightful, creative and extremely detailed. Our clients love her work and our team enjoys working with her. She helps make projects a breeze. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
–Pati Goodell, Senior Project Manager, Euro RSCG Advertising, Portland, OR

“The greatest quality of a good writer is thinking. Diane has helped us communicate extremely abstract and technical subjects in everything from financial services to scientific instruments marketing. It takes one brilliant mind to translate such difficult topics into understandable, compelling prose.
–Jeff Berry, Vice President, Euro RSCG, Portland, OR


“Thorough research, a strong understanding of our business and excellent turnaround times make Diana an invaluable asset to our marketing team. Whether I ask her to write copy for a brochure or a newsletter article or to proof a layout, she amazes me with her creativity and attention to detail.  Diana has saved me countless hours on writing projects and has quickly revised copy to reach both internal and external clients.”
–Colleen Gleason, Global Marketing Communications Specialist, Agilent Technologies


In the three years that Diane has worked on Emerging Technologies, it has become the most popular newsletter available within the GM network. In fact, our data show that, on average, its readership is five to 10 times higher than for any other newsletter — an outstanding accomplishment indicative of Diane’s research and writing skills.”
–John Brus, Information Science Department, General Motors Research, Warren, MI

“I could always count on Diane to provide me with excellent work within the time frame she promised. She’s honest, dependable, creative, and thoughtful. I would gladly work with her again without hesitation.”
–Ross Burdick, Senior Copywriter, Xerox Corporation, Wilsonville, OR

Diane is a fine writer who delivers crisp, high-quality results on schedule. She is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with.”
–Peggy Dorf, Senior Marketing Writer, TransCore, Beaverton, Oregon



“Hiring Eclipse Communications to handle communications and media relations for the Oregon Plan Awards Ceremony at the state capitol was the best check our Outreach Team wrote. The event proved much easier to organize, promote, and conduct because of Diane’s assistance.

“Most importantly, communication between Diane and all members of our Outreach Team was exemplary. She worked diligently to ensure that all details were handled and needs satisfied before, during, and after the event. There is no question that Eclipse Communications was an integral part of the event’s success.”
–John O. Byers, Oregon Department of Agriculture

Diane did a great job researching and writing an article on doping in athletics for our Update magazine. The article was so well-done that NPR called and interviewed her about doping during the 2004 Athens Olympics.”
–Dan Van Atta, Editor, New York Academy of Sciences Update magazine, New York, NY