Google Eclipse Communications Copywriting Portfolio | Eclipse Communications: Content Writing & Copywriting


Aperion Audio ARIS Web

A team effort brings out the WOW in Web content for a new wireless speaker.

Intel Software Portal Banner Ad

Software developers’ language builds credibility for a hardware giant.

Aperion Audio “Sound and Vision” Print Ad

Team with Aperion to make sound and specs come alive.

LexisNexis Web Content

Snappier content attracts interest in the new Firm Manager software solution.

Visa Card Web Content

Writing for a committee means Web content developed five years ago stands the test of time.

Agilent Remarketing Quarterly Email Content

A personal story offers a ready analogy in a sales email.

iShares Web Promo Ad

The handsaw in this financial ad draws attention and reflects the offbeat copy.

Samsung SSD Microsite Content

Spare content and design put full emphasis on Samsung’s innovative new drive.