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Diana Kightlinger DeCouteau (aka Eclipse Communications or just me) creates content that sells $$$$$ in products and services. I’m a professional copy and content writer, blogger, journalist and essayist with more than 20 years of experience. I write print and Web copy for clients including HP/Agilent, Visa, Intel, TransCore, Barclays, and General Motors, as well as a range of successful small companies.

(To find out how my writing career started, read my essay for The Washington Post. And for how we broke the rules to achieve success, read Eclipse’s 21st Birthday blog.)

By being creative and analytical at the same time, I produce great results for clients. I don’t simply write words and throw them over the wall; I take an active role in developing strategy for marketing communications and online content. In the 17 years I’ve worked with HP/Agilent, for example, I’ve contributed to millions of dollars in sales.

Once initial campaign results are in, I recommend changes to boost the numbers. I might suggest A/B testing to fine-tune subject lines, an improved format for an email or landing page, or more relevant giveaways for the current stage of the sales cycle.

So many of my clients send marketing emails that I’ve worked hard to learn and implement best practices. The upshot? My clients’ open and click-through rates consistently run higher than averages reported by MailChimp and other mail service providers.

And of course, I’m always looking for ways to make your words more persuasive.

Eclipse is named after the 1991 solar eclipse I saw in Kona, Hawaii. But more importantly, Eclipse Communications is focused on aligning print and online content with your goals to generate outstanding results. Read the testimonials on the Web site to discover what we we’ve done for other clients—and what we can do for you.

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